1)  I've never had a massage therapy session before.  What should I expect?

At Green Trees, I want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as you can be.  If you're not relaxed, then you won't be receiving the best benefits of therapeutic massage. 

First, know that you are always welcome to ask as many questions as you would like and express any concerns you might have.  I am always here to listen. 

Second, I customize your session according to your needs, whether they be health concerns or problem areas you mention during your initial intake or other issues which occur for you during the session or between sessions. 

Third, when you come in for your first session, you will be asked to fill out a brief health intake, then we will discuss what you want for your session (areas you want me to work or focus on and a reiteration that you are in control of the session and can change the focus or length at any time, as well as ask questions or let me know if I'm working too deeply or too lightly for your preference).  I will then instruct you on how to lie down on the table and I will leave the room so you can get undressed to a level you are comfortable at (I always tell people they are welcome to leave on or take off as much clothing as they feel comfortable with but that most people prefer to wear their underwear or nothing at all--all intimate areas of the body are kept fully draped but I can work through all layers of clothing if that is your preference).  After giving you a few minutes to get comfortable, I will knock on the door and ask if you are ready for me to come in.  Then the session will begin.  If you need a drink of water, to blow your nose, or to use the bathroom at any time during the session, please feel free to ask!

2) Why did you become a massage therapist?

Growing up, I presumed that I would work in an office, since that is the work I pursued after moving here to Connecticut.  However, I always wanted to have a career where I could help people.  Then one day, after a few weeks of mulling sometimes ridiculous possibilities, a friend offhandedly mentioned that I should check out massage therapy.  The thunderbolt which struck me at the rightness of this idea was amusing since I knew two family friends who were massage therapists, but for whatever reason, I never thought about the possibility for myself.  Conveniently, the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy was located a short distance away so it seemed that Life was making my decision even simpler.  I loved my time at CCMT and have loved being a licensed massage therapist with equal passion in the years since.  Using my hands to heal and comfort is a dream come true!

3) Who are you?

The best way I try to express myself is through my office setting.  While I was in school, I visited two offices.  One was decorated very clinically, with a couple massage therapy-related informational posters on the white walls and florescent lighting and massage therapy supplies in each of the rooms.  However, the second office was decorated with a wide variety of objects and colors, which were an obvious extension of the owner/therapist.  I felt so much more comfortable and cozy in the second office, I decided to use the same technique in my own working space.  My decor is a reflection of myself and my interests, ranging from my low bookshelves filled to the brim with my favorite books to the Asian painting and other decorative elements.  I also have my framed artwork, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright's fallingwater house and a print by Hal Lasko, a near-blind gentleman who uses MSPaint to create beautiful and sometimes whimsical pieces of art (www.hallasko.com).  I am also a life-long animal lover, particularly when it comes to cats, so I have also adorned my bookshelves with some of my favorite pieces with which friends and family have gifted me over the years.  When you are in my office, if you ever have a question about anything you see, please feel free to ask!


NOTE:  This page is a work in progress.